Important Questions: Should Everyone Own a Gun?

In the United States the issue of gun control has been one that has been debated for many years. Since the constitution of the United States guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms, there is agreement that guns should be a part of the American landscape, but how much is the debate. Some politicians would have a limit on the types of weapons and a public record of who owns them. Still others would like to see no limits at all in gun control and see every limitation as an attempt to take away their personal rights guaranteed by the constitution. There is no doubt that this issue is nowhere near solved.

Why Gun Limits Make Sense

The most sense that gun limits make sense because there is a lot of violent crime being committed in the world today. It is theorized that if the access to guns are limited less people are going to die. There will still be those who commit crime but they will be doing it with weapons that are significantly less deadly than the ones that exist right now.  The movement to have all guns registered so that if a gun is used in a crime it can be traced back to the owner of that gun.  The other consideration is to do a background check and have a waiting period before a gun can be bought. This is to keep them out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unfit.  Then there are the outright bans on assault weapons because they have no purpose other than to kill other people. These all sound like rational reasons until you listen to the other side.

Gun Limits Make No Sense

With so much violent crime being committed in the world today, it only makes sense that we should arm ourselves so that we can protect our families from criminals. Gun advocates tend to believe that more guns are going to be a deterrent to crime being perpetrated. Any limit on a weapon is seen as an attack on the constitution and should be fought because once you give up one right then it won’t be too long until others are compromised.  This is the argument in support of assault rifles, that if you allow the government to dictate the kind of weapons that a person, soon all weapons will be removed from the public access. A public that can’t defend itself is going to exist at the mercy of the government. Most people just don’t want to rely on that type of mercy.