The procedure involved with criminal law is actually quite simple, in theory, but it has a lot of complex factors as well.  Today, we will discuss the three main parts of the procedure, and what it means to you.  If you have been arrested for a crime, then you will definitely want to be aware of how it works, so that you can get the proper legal representation in time to help you when it comes time to go to the trial.

The Arrest

The first step is the arrest.  This is where you are actually arrested and taken in to the local police department.  You may just go in for questioning at first, but if an arrest is made, they will likely cuff you and book you into the county jail.  This is often times one of the most frightening parts of the procedure for some people, but remember you do have the right to remain silent.

The Charge

Next, you will want to take a look at the second step, which is the charge.  This is the actual charge that they are holding against you.  When you are charged, you will go in front of the judge for indictment, and they will set a trial date.  Sometimes, this is the longest part of the process, because you never know how far out the trial will be set.  You may, however, get to bail out of jail to wait for the trial, depending on the type of charge.

The Trial

Finally, you will go to trial.  Sometimes, before the trial occurs, you will be offered a plea bargain.  This will allow you to get a lighter sentence, and if you are guilty it may be one of the best things for you to do.  If you are innocent, and it can be proven by your lawyer, then you should probably wait out the trial.

If you need help with your legal representation, it is a good idea to hire a criminal defense lawyer.  They have seen many cases, and chances are they have dealt with your situation in the past, and they know how to go about it effectively.  Whether you have just been arrested, or you have an upcoming trial, you will want to make sure that you have someone that you can trust to fight for you on your side!

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